Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things I like about christmas. 
Of course it's nice to receive some, but I find it even more exciting picking the right gift for family and friends who you love. Unfortunately I'm a very unorganised and clumsy person. So Christmas time can be quite stressful and overloaded with things to do. Especially right before Christmas Eve. 
To my wonders, I started buying gifts quite early this year. Of course there are still missing some. But if there didn't, that would be very unlike me ;) 

So today I decided to start wrapping the gifts I already got and I thought I would share them with you. Giftwrapping is a secret passion of mine. 
Because I'm a very artsy, creative person I like to put some extra efford in the wrapping and make the gift appear even more personal at first sight. 

So I made a few signs, wrote the name of the receiver on it, bought lovely little glitter stars, etc etc. Take a look and find out yourself. Maybe this even will inspire you to wrap your gifts a little different and more personal. 

All in all I hope you aren't as stressed and chaotic as me while Christmas time!