Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Love London

Hello everyone! 

Long time, no see. And I am very sorry about that. I don't have any other excuse than uni work and test have kept me busy for the last month. But now finally I've made it to my winterbreak and am more than excited to start getting into blogging again - Yeaay!!! 

First of all, how are you doing these days? Hope you're all doing very great. I've had a very laid back and chilled day, today. Also I've been a little naughty and went shopping for clothes. You'll find out more about my little shopping spree very soon in an upcoming blogpost. 

But for now, I thought a short little update and a few pictures of my latest trip would be a good start into the blogging-mode! 

As you can probably tell from the title, I've been to my all time favorite city: LONDON! In case you didn't know, I'm from Germany, so England isn't too far away. Nevertheless traveling can be quite expensive, especially for someone who's a student living on a budget. 

Probably for the last year I've been dreaming about flying to London for a few days. Especially since I love reading blogs from british bloggers. I have been to London before, but everytime only for a short period of time. Well, this time I also only went for three days. But still, I feel very lucky and greatfull for them. The whole trip was an unbelievable waaay to big christmas present from my boyfriend. Since he noticed me mentioning London far too often and he probably just wanted me to shut up about it. 
Very kindly he surprised me with a short trip over the christmas holidays. 
We went for long walks along the themse, had the most delicious english meals and stayed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Park Plaza. 

Although the weather wasn't as great everyday the trip made me fall in love with the city even more. 
Hopefully the next trip will be very soon. Till then I hope you enjoyed a sneek peek into the City of Winterwonderland, tea and english roast. 

See you very soon! 
Lots of Love,