Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Love London

Hello everyone! 

Long time, no see. And I am very sorry about that. I don't have any other excuse than uni work and test have kept me busy for the last month. But now finally I've made it to my winterbreak and am more than excited to start getting into blogging again - Yeaay!!! 

First of all, how are you doing these days? Hope you're all doing very great. I've had a very laid back and chilled day, today. Also I've been a little naughty and went shopping for clothes. You'll find out more about my little shopping spree very soon in an upcoming blogpost. 

But for now, I thought a short little update and a few pictures of my latest trip would be a good start into the blogging-mode! 

As you can probably tell from the title, I've been to my all time favorite city: LONDON! In case you didn't know, I'm from Germany, so England isn't too far away. Nevertheless traveling can be quite expensive, especially for someone who's a student living on a budget. 

Probably for the last year I've been dreaming about flying to London for a few days. Especially since I love reading blogs from british bloggers. I have been to London before, but everytime only for a short period of time. Well, this time I also only went for three days. But still, I feel very lucky and greatfull for them. The whole trip was an unbelievable waaay to big christmas present from my boyfriend. Since he noticed me mentioning London far too often and he probably just wanted me to shut up about it. 
Very kindly he surprised me with a short trip over the christmas holidays. 
We went for long walks along the themse, had the most delicious english meals and stayed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Park Plaza. 

Although the weather wasn't as great everyday the trip made me fall in love with the city even more. 
Hopefully the next trip will be very soon. Till then I hope you enjoyed a sneek peek into the City of Winterwonderland, tea and english roast. 

See you very soon! 
Lots of Love,

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Morning Routine 'Get Ready With Me'

Lately I've been really enjoying my mornings. Since I don't have to be at uni crazy early at the time. It's sometimes really nice to enjoy the whole process of waking up, making breakfast, doing your make up and hair. So today I thought, why not take you along with me! 
The fist thing on my mind after waking up is: FOOD! So of course I will make myself breakfast immediately. Today I went for a delicious smoothie (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Spinach, Apple, Banana) and a wholemeal-bread with some scrambled eggs. Mmmmh... 

Afterwards I usually try to do a little bit of my fitness routine. Today I basically only worked on my abs. That's where I feel the most unsatisfied with my body. 

Now it's finally make up time! Probably my favorite part of my morning routine. On the picture above you can see my bare naked face! And the next picture... tadaaa!!!

This is pretty much my every-day-look. As you all know, I love my eyeliner and literally can not live without it. Last night I went to meet friends and new people. I took my makeup bag and hair utensils with me to my boyfriends house, to get ready there. In shock I had to figure out I didn't bring my eyeliner and a had a short mini-panic-attack. This really made me think about how much my life depends on an eyliner. Crazy! This needs to change. 
Anyway where was I, oh: My day to day look is mainly focused around the eyeliner and a bronzed, healthy, dewy skin. 
Because of the hot weather I stopped applying foundation on a day to day basis and only correct my under eye area and spots with a concealer. I use the Fit-me Concealer from 'Maybelline' in the color 20. Which is a good color-match for me, even though it may seem a little bit to bright at first. 
Afterwards I really went for it with the bronzer. I used a matt one at first for contouring and added it up with a shimmery on on the top of my cheek bones. 
In former times I didn't like the dewy finish on my skin at all. I tried to avoid everything shimmery and wanted to keep my skin as matt as possible. Now I really learned to love my natural 'shine' and even enhance it with highlighters. Of course I still need to powder in the t-zone. My eyebrow routine pretty much consist of me filling in the sparse places with a pencil. 
For a little bit definition on the eyes I put a little bit of bronzer in my crease. And Highlighter on the top of my lids. Eyeliner, Mascara, a bit of moisture for the lips - and we are done! 

Now to the hair: I usually sleep with my hair in a bun. So my hair looks like a big hot mess in the mornings. Today I used a new straightener from ghd, which made my hair look straight, shiny and looong! Yeah, that's basically it! 
It wasn't a busy day today, so I wore a simple black leggings, warm socks, a white top and a grey and white slouchy cardigan. 

hope you liked coming along with me on a lazy morning. Hope you are enjoying your cup of tea or coffee weather it's morning or not! ;-)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cooking is fun!

I'm turning into a cooking mashine! I don't think I ever enjoyed cooking as much as I do now. Well, I still find cooking a meal every single day can be really time consuming and sometimes quite boring. Especially when there is so much to do, and there actually isn't much time to prepare a proper healthy dinner. But lately I took my time and created some lovely burgers, wraps, tacos and some sushi. On most of the food I had help from my boyfriend - making dinner or lunch with company is just way more fun! 
Maybe this will give you a little bit of an inspiration to take your time, even on a long and exhausting day, to make a proper meal and actually enjoying the process of making it! Maybe cooking is my new hobby now ;-).

Hope you are having the most delicious food right now!  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Orange is the new Black?!

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Asos - Warehouse - Camilosedress

Acessorize - Ring-bracelette 

Primark - Wedges 

I'm the black dress kind of gal! I know it can seem kind of boring, but I assure you it's just so much easier to style dark or neutral colors. Well but now, since it is summer and black doesn't always turns out to be the most practical color, I try to reach out of my comfort zone and dive in the wide color palette. And in this case it means: bright bright ORANGE!!! I know so unexpected and weird to see me in this! ;) 

Somehow this dress and the bright but warm orange of it grew on me and I really fell in love with it. I was scrolling down the pages of ASOS, actually on the hunt for a long black maxi-dress, when suddenly this Warhouse-dress appeared and somehow got my attention. I think I payed 42,86 Euro when I bought it, but now it is in the sale and only costs 30 Euros! Yeah! 

To me it has the perfect length - not too short and not too long. I especially love the detailing around the neckline. Simple but still quite interesting. 

The only downside, I have to admit is, the dress creases really quickly. As soon as you sit down for a while the back of your dress will be creased a lot. Gladly it loosens up after walking a bit, but it still is a downside for me, since I hate ironing. 
In the end, I still love the dress! It didn't first scream my name, but now I can't imagine my wardrobe without it. If you like it as much as me, go for it while it is still on sale! 

Hope you are having a great summery and orangey day! :) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

 This summer I've decided to be a little more healthy. I started to go for a run at least three times a week and do pilates workouts (mainly "blogilates" from Youtube) almost every morning. 
I wouldn't say I haven't been healthy before. I've always loved fruit and vegetables. This also comes from me not eating meat since I was about 10. But only recently I started actually paying attention to how much I eat and what the ingredients are. I try to make my food at home as often as I can. 

Unfortunately like everyone else, I'm often in town grabbing a bite on my way to a lecture or meeting a friend. In addition to that me and my boyfriend love going out for a dinner meal, which often entices me to order a huge pizza or a delicious looking burger. It's so hard, when the selection on food and variety is big. Often the 'bad food' just seems more tempting than the healthy one. 

BUT I do believe you can set your mind around. For example I used to always eat a little treat after dinner. Something like a tiny chocolate bar or a mini ice cream. Since last year I finally stopped sneaking in sweet deserts or treats. Now I honestly don't crave them anymore. Sometimes a vanilla pudding may look tempting but in my mind I know I've already had enough and don't really need it. 
I'm not saying I never allow myself to have a goodie now and then. No, I just keep it for a special occasion now and then. 

To be honest, I only really got inspired to become more healthy from reading blogposts, scrolling through pictures from delicious food on interest and seeing peoples workout plans on instagram. Somehow it is really motivating to follow others way of living life, including fitness and natural healthy food into their daily life. 

So to start of I thought I'll maybe do a little series of healthy lifestyle. Beginning with food! (yet!)
To me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also my favorite. If I have a great delicious breakfast I feel motivated and super pumped starting the day. So here they are three simple, quick and easy breakfast ideas, which you can easily make at home. 

I really hope you like them, and if you do try them out - let me know about it! :)

1. Yogurt Fruit Bowl

- 25g clear yogurt
- 1 Banana
- 1 Kiwi
- Red Currant
- Honey 

My absolute favorite breakfast of all time. It's so simple yet extremely tasty! All you will need is a clear yogurt of any kind. Some prefer greek yogurt, but I usually use just a standard one. And of course you need fruit of any kind. Be creative, change it up once in a while so it doesn't get boring. I almost always use a banana, only because I love it and it gives the yogurt a bit of a unique sweetness. This morning I used in addition to that a Kiwi and red currants, of which I really prefer the sourness it gives the breakfast meal. On top of  - a little spitz of honey and you are ready to go! Enjoy! 

2. Green Homemade Juice / Smoothie

- 1 Apple
- 1 Banana 
- 1 Kiwi
- A little bit of spinach
- red currant
- Orange Juice
- Water

I'm a total newbie with making juices and smoothies. Unfortunately I don't have a juicer at home, so I use a mixing wand, which actually works totally fine for me. 
The banana again, gives the smoothie a lovely sweetness. As well as the apple. The spinach of course seems a little out of the whole fruit concept. But it consists of a lot of good things, which your body will thank you for, I'm sure!  
Also you don't really even taste it much, because the banana already has a very overwhelming but delicious taste. I'd advice you to add Orange Juice and Water to it, so it won't get that thick and sticky consistency. 
At last, all you need to do is poor the juice in a glass, add a straw and you can start your day feeling fruity and refreshed ;)

3. Cream Cheese - Tomato Bread with a Soft Boiled Egg

- 1 slice of wholemeal bread
- Cream Cheese
- Chives
- 1 Tomato 
- Salt and Pepper
- 1 Egg

This breakfast meal is quite simple, quick and very easy. Perfect if you are on the go. The only thing that may take a little time is cutting the chives. In almost every supermarket you can easily buy already prepared ones, which saves you a little bit of extra effort in the morning.
I sometimes boil myself an egg in addition to the bread when I know I'm going to have a long day. So the egg and the wholemeal bread usually keep me full till lunch time. 

That's it for now. I hope you liked my breakfast ideas, which may be al little different to yours. Maybe you even get a tiny bit inspired for variation on your breakfast next morning. 
Hope you enjoyed it, see you soon! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hunt for a new place!

I'm moving. 
I'm moving to Augsburg. This is where I'm going to study Design for three and a half years, starting october. I'm super excited. I've lived in a flat in Munich once, so it isn't the first time moving out from home. But it feels like it. 
The place in Munich was just temporarily and it also was quite close to where my hometown is, so I could visit my Mom and family regular. Well yeah, I know Augsburg isn't that far away from Munich either. 
But still, it's quite a big move for me and I am very very excited. After getting an overview where the hot spots in Augsburg are plus getting to know the areas of the city a little better, I made a few appointments to view some flats. 

I wanted to do house-sharing. It's way more affordable. In addition to that I don't know anyone in Augsburg, this would be a great opportunity to get to know a few people and preferably make friends!

 As some of you may know, I am not the type of human, which is very outgoing. I always feel a little awkward around new people. Not sure if it is only me who feels this way? I recently started trying to put myself into situations which are a little daring to me (I know looking for a flat may not seem such a huge deal to some of you, but to me it is like a little adventure on its own) - so I made three appointments, met a lot of new lovely and friendly people and the picture of me living in a new place is getting clearer and clearer. I've already said it, but I love saying it again. 

Try out new. 

Today again proved to try new things, do what you are afraid of and after it you'll be happier, and a lot less self-conscious, because you achieved something. Be brave! :)Well after that little speech, here I am again in my bed with a notebook on my lap. Feeling verrryyy exhausted… Talking an meeting that many people, on who you try to make a good impression is really dragging out the energy of me. 
Do you sometimes feel the same?

 This suddenly makes me think of the personality test, a youtuber called 'Catrific' made a video made about. It tells you if you are an extrovert or an introvert. This apparently depends on how you react around other human beings. If it drains you or if you feel more energized being around people. This is the link to the video if you are interested in finding out more about your personality:

If anyone wants to move to Germany or is german and wants to move to another city here are a few websites I found very helpful:

Probably the most helpful one out of all. Especially if you are looking for a place to share with other students or people in your age. Here you can also create an advert yourself if you aren't only on the hunt for a flat, but even if you are on the other side, trying to sell or find a lodger. This is the place to go!

A great alternative for It's pretty much the same but only for students.

Good for when you are looking for a place on your own.
I really enjoyed today. And am very very curious where I'll end up to live. I will definitely let you know! Also if you are on the hunt for a new place, thinking about moving etc... I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts. Let me know in the comments. I'm looking forward to them :)For now, good night, sleep well and see you very soon! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

F.O.T.D. Pinky Spring Look

After a few days of rain, the sun has finally come out! I usually don't wear a lot of lipstick, but yesterday had a little spur of the moment and bought a pinky lipstick from Rival de Loop in the color 65, which immediately put me into a more summerly-mood.
So today I thought why not share a little 'Face Of the Day' with you :-)

The lipstick is only dabbed in. I wore this look as a casual day look, so I didn't want it to be to 'in your face'. But for the evening it looks lovely if you build it up. 

Lipstick Rival de Loop Nr. 65
Maybelline New York FITme! Concealer
p2 FAR EAST so close silky face fluid
MAX FACTOR CC Colour Correcting Cream Nr 60 Medium Spf 10
Maybelline Super Stay 24h Waterproof Powder
Rival de Loop Baked Bronzer 01 sahara sun
Catrice Defining Blush 070 Pinkerbell
essence quattro eyeshadow 05 to die for
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes so black
L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense Black