Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Brand New Facebook-Page

I made it! 
Somehow the idea of creating a official facebook-page for my music terrified me. 
Yesterday I fortunately got persuaded by friends, family and the organizer for my upcoming concert at nachtkonsum on the 19th in Munich. 

For some reason I am a little worrier and not the most confident person on the planet. Especially not when it comes to something so personal, like showing people the songs I've written, which are as close to me as I had written them in my diary.

Even though there isn't any music on my facebook-page yet, I still thought it would be a great opportunity to keep those who are interested in my music up to date. When hopefully very soon, my songs will be recorded, I will gladly share them on there. 

I would be absolutely thrilled by the idea of you liking the page and maybe recommending to your friends - I PROMISE I will not let you down! 

Honestly I would literally jump up and down out of excitement! 

I'll keep you posted on what's coming up next :)
Thanks for your support 

Lots of Love,


  1. Omg that's so exciting, good luck ♥

  2. You should read it, I loved it so much!! *-* And same here, I didn't read for about two years and only started again last September! I missed it too much, now I can't get enough of reading again ♥♥♥

  3. The layout of your fb page looks awesome! I'm not on facebook since a year, but I will recommend your page to my friends :-)