Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Time flies - I tell ya! Sitting down for the first time. Making my first cup of coffee. 
Looking in the mirror - seeing my face for the very first time. 
In 2013! 
All these 'first-time-thoughts' made me think my last year, what happened and what I will definitely want to change and become in the year in front of me. 

This happened 2012:

I acutally made it through the first year of my Art-School
had to most lovely vacation in Italy over summer-break right next to the ocean!
worked at a tailoring
made new friends and stayed in touch with good old ones
met Christina Perri
won the Art-Contest in our school
performed in front of a lot of people
My Dad moved out
I fell in and out of love
spent a few Days in England/Leeds
bought my first bright-red Lipstick
started a YouTube-Channel with my best friend
saw the ballet 'Romeo and Julia'
wrote tons of new songs
drove to Berlin wit a very good new friend
had nice walks and talks with my Mom, over a short vacation on the landside
my loved Dog died
made A LOT of pictures with my brother for his profile pictures
got an iPhone
drank lots and lots of coffee
moved to Munich for a few month on my own
I felt quite lonely then
I had a blind date
started taking driving lessons
I laughed and sadly cried 
went to Iceland
had the most exhausting 5-day-hike with wind and weather!
realized I had wrong friends and got out of touch
went to Starbucks way to often
I turned 18!
had the most amazing best friends ever!
flew to London and hat an successful interview at a Music School
saw Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard live at their concerts
can't wait to make the best out of 2013

And here they come my resoulutions for 2013:

get into that Music School in London
perform and write my own songs as much as possible
graduate from Art-School
get my driver's license 
record my own songs
move out
be the best and most honest person of myself (stay true to who I am)
keep on writing this blog and having fun with it
fall in love
don't be as messy
stick to things
be happy and a positive person :-)
take lots of pictures
hold on to the good friends
eat healthy
don't spent too much time on my phone
got to concerts!
make new friends
get a job I actually really like

I guess I could go on and on with these lists, but I eventually have to stop writing them and actually turn them into reality. So I guess that is what I am going to do... make the best out of the next year! Hope you all are going to have the time of your lives! Let me know about your plans for 2013.

See you soon,


  1. Oh, I keep my fingers crossed for you considering the music school in London! If I had had the money, I would have started studying in London at the age of 18. Now I'm 23 and I'm still stuck in Vienna, bohoo. But, at least I can study at a University, not everyone can do that...

    "make new friends" and "go to concerts" are on my list as well. At least the concert thing is already "done" since I bought so many tickets in 2012 for concerts in 2013 (mumford&sons, pink, robbie williams) :D

    happy new yeaaar!

    1. London is such a big dream of mine. But going to University is actually really great, too. What are you studying?
      Thank you anyway for crossing fingers, I really appreciate it! :)

      Ahh I'm so jealous! I wanted to go to the Mumford&Sons concert soo badly. Unfortunately it was sold out so quickly - I didn't get tickets... too bad. However I hope you'll have great fun! Let me know how it was :D

    2. I'm studying psychology (and I'm quite struggling through exam preperations at the moment, it's just a lot of work and I'm super lazy :D ). If everything works out, I'll be in London for a week in February, at least one can go there once in a while!

      I was so afraid of not getting any tickets that I set three alarm clocks at my boyfriends' place, so I could order them online before everyone else, haha. My boyfriend didn't understand the importance, but I'm so keen on seeing them live. I've only seen their shows on tv or youtube and I think they'll be one of those bands who are even better when playing live!
      Maybe they'll add some shows? Sure, I'm gonna write about it and hope to find a new camera until then.