Friday, August 15, 2014

My Morning Routine 'Get Ready With Me'

Lately I've been really enjoying my mornings. Since I don't have to be at uni crazy early at the time. It's sometimes really nice to enjoy the whole process of waking up, making breakfast, doing your make up and hair. So today I thought, why not take you along with me! 
The fist thing on my mind after waking up is: FOOD! So of course I will make myself breakfast immediately. Today I went for a delicious smoothie (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Spinach, Apple, Banana) and a wholemeal-bread with some scrambled eggs. Mmmmh... 

Afterwards I usually try to do a little bit of my fitness routine. Today I basically only worked on my abs. That's where I feel the most unsatisfied with my body. 

Now it's finally make up time! Probably my favorite part of my morning routine. On the picture above you can see my bare naked face! And the next picture... tadaaa!!!

This is pretty much my every-day-look. As you all know, I love my eyeliner and literally can not live without it. Last night I went to meet friends and new people. I took my makeup bag and hair utensils with me to my boyfriends house, to get ready there. In shock I had to figure out I didn't bring my eyeliner and a had a short mini-panic-attack. This really made me think about how much my life depends on an eyliner. Crazy! This needs to change. 
Anyway where was I, oh: My day to day look is mainly focused around the eyeliner and a bronzed, healthy, dewy skin. 
Because of the hot weather I stopped applying foundation on a day to day basis and only correct my under eye area and spots with a concealer. I use the Fit-me Concealer from 'Maybelline' in the color 20. Which is a good color-match for me, even though it may seem a little bit to bright at first. 
Afterwards I really went for it with the bronzer. I used a matt one at first for contouring and added it up with a shimmery on on the top of my cheek bones. 
In former times I didn't like the dewy finish on my skin at all. I tried to avoid everything shimmery and wanted to keep my skin as matt as possible. Now I really learned to love my natural 'shine' and even enhance it with highlighters. Of course I still need to powder in the t-zone. My eyebrow routine pretty much consist of me filling in the sparse places with a pencil. 
For a little bit definition on the eyes I put a little bit of bronzer in my crease. And Highlighter on the top of my lids. Eyeliner, Mascara, a bit of moisture for the lips - and we are done! 

Now to the hair: I usually sleep with my hair in a bun. So my hair looks like a big hot mess in the mornings. Today I used a new straightener from ghd, which made my hair look straight, shiny and looong! Yeah, that's basically it! 
It wasn't a busy day today, so I wore a simple black leggings, warm socks, a white top and a grey and white slouchy cardigan. 

hope you liked coming along with me on a lazy morning. Hope you are enjoying your cup of tea or coffee weather it's morning or not! ;-)