Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas Splurge

patent leather shoes - H&M
jumper - CHRISTINE
Bicycle socks - H&M

All right, it's probably not the most clever thing to do - go shopping the first day after the christmas holidays. But well, I'm not the most clever person, I might say. So that's what I did. 

With the intention to not buy anything and to 'only window shop', I got my christmas money and headed into town. Of course it NEVER works to 'just window shop'! The first shop I combed through was called: CHRISTINE. Now let me tell you, I've never been there before... and probably would never have, if my friend Kaja didn't insist to check it out. At first sight it looks a lot like stores like Tally Weijl or Pimkie. 
Don't get me wrong, I sometimes like clothes from their stores but I'm not thrilled about them, not even starting on ranting about their quality... But inside this mystery store 'Christine' I actually found myself enjoying a lot of their collection. Of course I couldn't resist on even buying some stuff. 
After all, it's still Christmas, isn't it? 
Afterwards I even convinced my sensible-self (which basically said: "don't buy things you don't really need") and bought a few bicycle socks and a pair of patent leather shoes (I'm pretty sure they are fake leather) from H&M. All in all I'm quite happy with my little After-Christmas-Splurge! 
Sometimes we just shouldn't be to hard on ourselfs, should we?

xx Jana


  1. Aw, the socks are the cutest! :) And the Christine shop sounds so interesting, looks like they've a big influence from scandinavian fashion? Love the jumper!
    I think I'll resist on Christmas money next Christmas as well, just got too many calendars for 2013 this time, which I don't need, cause I tend to buy my calendars in Autmn beforehand ^^

    1. It seems like it's influenced from scandinavian fashion.. but I'm not quite sure!
      haha I always buy calendars way to early. It's too bad I hardly use them.. I guess that's going on my "To-Do-List in 2013" as well ;)