Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi, I'm Jana

Alright after the first pretty random post, I think I am ready for a more serious one. First of all I'd like to tell you a short little amount about myself. 
I'm Tatjana.
I try to convince people to call me Jana - it doesn't always work.
I'm a 18 year old student from Germany. 
I have once lived in the USA/Chicago but moved back after five years of childhood and pre-preschooltime. 
Since I love everything to do with the english language (--> the reason I'm writing in English not in German). 
I am obsessed with music. 
Currently I am going to an Art-School in Munich. 
But even though I love drawing, painting and creating - my dream is to become a songwriter. Preferably a singer-songwriter. 
Getting my hopes high. 
I'm a dog person. 
But I do not not like cats. 
I'm a dreamer. 
I try to be a happy person. 
I write depressing songs. 
I play the guitar. 
I've got three (not always) lovely little brothers. 
I'm probably a little to obsessed about coffee... but i still like tea... preferably blood-orange-tea. 
I like musicals and love concerts. 
My room is dominated by chains of lights. 
I play the guitar. 
Black and white photography is my favorite. 
If I had to name on favorite musician though, it would be quite challenging and right now I'd probably say Ben Howard (I just recently went to a concert of him - so he got dips). 
I love going to the movies. 
Socks with cute things on them make me happy (I just bought some with little bicycles). 
I shouldn't go to Starbucks as often as i do. 
I act weird most times when meeting new people. 
Though I try to be myself all times. 
Not offending - I really do not like Abercrombie & Fitch. It's not the clothes I don't like. It's more about the store, how they treat you, how they smell... it's quite hard to describe... never mind. 
I prefer large beds. 
I don't like to call people. 
I'm good at spending money on clothes. 
I like to watch people. 
Although I get nervous talking in front of a lot of them. 
Oranges are the best fruit ever. 
Unfortunately I get an allergic reaction when eating them. 
Watermelons are good too. 
I would really like to write a blog. 
So I'm doing it. 
Nice to meet you!



  1. aww this is an adorable post :)
    i cant wait for more to come!

    1. thank you so much Stephanie :)
      You just made my day, with that lovely comment of yours! Feel free to stick around, I'd be very happy <3