Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowless Winterwalk

I still have to get used to the fact, that there wasn't any snow on christmas. Again. Despite the snowless weather I went for a little walk with my brother and took some pretty nice pictures (if I may say). To be honest the main reason I could convince my brother to join my walk, was the fact, that he would become a facebook profile-picture out of it. - Short-Side-Note: He's very picky... and eventually wasn't quite happy with any of the pictures we had taken - However I feel quite pleased with the results, and couldn't dare not sharing them with you. Hope where you live, there's lots of snow and you feel very christmassy. You may notice the tiny christmass-obsession of mine behind these lines.

xx Jana


  1. Hey Jana, I just found your blog through essiebutton, so happy I did :)
    I really like these pictures, in the first one he looks kinda similar to a Blue singer, can't remember the name.

    We had little snow here in Austria, but not enough that it lasted longer than a day!

    1. Isa! I'm so glad you did! Thank you very very much! And you're right about that Blue singer - I will definitely tell him about that :)
      Oh, you're lucky.. I find Christmas without snow isn't really Christmas. Hope you'll have a great New Year!